BRC acquired AbouThai’s 24 stores in Hong Kong to rebrand them to Big C with plans to rapidly expand to 99 stores in the next 3 years.

Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul, CEO and President of Big C Retail Corporation Public Company Limited (BRC) revealed that “BRC has purchased the asset of AbouThai’s 24 stores in Hong Kong and rebranded them to be under Big C banner. The company plans to have rapid expansion in the next 3 years to open 25 stores a year for a total of 99 stores by the end of 2026. We also have a very long-term vision in Hong Kong with an estimated investment of 200 million HKD. We expect a rapid increase of sales to be more than 1 billion HKD in 2025 and to reach 1.5 billion in 2026. Big C Hong Kong will carry more than 80% of imported Thai products at our current 24 stores. We will ensure that new assortment of Thai products are to be introduced to meet the needs and demands of our Hong Kong customers.


The acquisition will mark the first step for BRC to expand its presence outside South East Asia. In addition, we also have a very long-term vision in Hong Kong, which is to turn Big C in the TCC Group into the best premium Thai supermarket. The company is also interested in investing in the Kai Tak development project, which is a huge area in the middle of the city and next to the waterfront. Hong Kong wants Kai Tak to be a model for the future development of Hong Kong.”


Even though there were some challenges during Covid-19, Hong Kong can bounce back quickly. We believe that Hong Kong is a leading financial hub in Asia linking Southeast Asian markets with mainland China. Hong Kong has great business potentials; it is a huge market full of factors conducive to business and investment, being the preeminent international financial center in the region, with strong connections to mainland China, one of BRC’s largest tourist customer bases.


Supported by these factors BRC has chosen Hong Kong to be its first entry outside Southeast Asia, after expanding its footprint in its home markets in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, over the years to reach about 2,000 retail stores operating under various banners in multiple store formats both online and offline, including Big C Supercenter, Big C Market, Big C Food place and, Big C Mini.


Hong Kong office is an independent office and operates only in Big C Hong Kong, not under regional Headquarters. This latest acquisition also perfectly highlights BRC’s continuous commitment in looking for opportunities in existing markets and for expansion into new markets to increase business opportunities.